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Brower Performance Horses"We train people to train horses"

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We offer the following services:

Full or Part Time Training & Hourly or Monthly Rates

Halter Breaking

Sacking Out

Intro to Bridle / Saddle

Ground Driving

Starting Under Saddle

Round Pen Training

Re-Training Problem Horses

Show Horse Training


Head Trainer: Nicole Frank & Bailey Allen


Rescued horses have often gone without proper diet and health maintenance for quite some time, weakening their metabolic processes and possibly engorging them with parasites. Special measures must be taken to slowly shift the equine back into a healthful lifestyle and avoid shock. You may find that some of this is common sense, and some of this information is not just specific to horses coming from abuse/neglect environments.




Here are some of the advantages our barn offers:


Check back often as we are always opening up spots.



Let our Trainers come to your home and help you with your horse in its environment. We have a limited schedule thru the summer with our Kids Camps running, so please call today for availability.



We offer extensive groundwork for you and your horse. Groundwork, Round Pen, Tying, Long lines, saddle work fro the ground up. We also cover clipping, baths, crossties and more. We make your horse husband and kid proof.


1-Hour Mobile Training $35.00



1 complete Hour of riding. We work with each rider on an individual basis. Helping them grow and accomplish their thoughts and needs. Our Barn or Yours...


We have a large list of service we provide. Check back soon to see what we have up coming.


Yes, it's that time again...

The 2006 schedule will be out soon. Please look for our new ads in the California Horse trader and Southern California Equestrian Directory.

Chad 7yrs. old on A CLASSICAL JACKIE 5 yr. old AQHA

Undoubtedly, the best venue in which to look for the sad and unkempt is your local horse auction. You are almost guaranteed a manifestation of abuse and neglect. It is a forum in which horses that no longer produce to their owner's expectations are unloaded. One last payday this beast will offer his disrespectful owner.

Or perhaps the circumstances are a bit different. Individuals who operate as breeders and could not sell their broodmares' offspring through their network of customers, bring the young ones to auction in the fall to unload. The fewer the mouths to feed through the winter, the better.

If these horses were all going to new homes, this wouldn't necessarily be an unhappy ending. But, in fact, many of the horses who are sold at auction will not go to new homes. Horse traders make a living out of plucking up low-priced horses then turning around and putting them through the next auction down the road for a higher sale price.

Some horses bounce from trader to trader for many months like this, with or without proper care. Illness, lameness and problem temperaments are often masked with drugs or shoeing or other means just long enough to complete the sale. But horse traders aren't the worst fate the auction houses could hold. That title is reserved for people called killer buyers.

 Brower Farms is proud to offer our services if you or someone you know has horse or knows of a horse that needs our help.

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Brower fams is proud to bring you Cherry Hill's "101 Arena Excerises" Great starter book for At home riding.